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A Day in the Life Part 1: Stepping Out

You wake up this morning at 4:00 AM.  Twilight hasn’t even begun, but the screeching of the alarm, coupled with your subconscious excitement jolts you from sleep.  The air is still and dry, as it usually is inside, and you feel overly warm, almost claustrophobic.

Quietly, you roll out of bed, trying not to wake others, and creep to the kitchen.  The foresight to load the coffee maker the night before is suddenly much more appreciated.  As you press the button and wait for the hissing sounds and smell to fill the kitchen, you don your clothes and brush your teeth.  In far too much of a hurry, you pour your cup of coffee before the pot is done brewing, and place the carafe back on the coffee maker to let it finish.  You mind is racing, wondering if you’ll have everything you need for the day, and you’re pacing around the kitchen.

As the first sip of coffee hits your lips, the warmth now brings a quiet comfort to your mind.  You’ve researched, read articles, pored over information, and spent hours going through different scenarios.  “I’m ready”, you silently say to yourself.

The items you packed, unpacked, and repacked numerous times over the past few days are picked up and carried to the car.  You’ve even thrown an extra change of clothes in.  Having them out of the house and in the vehicle is a milestone, because all that’s left is to pour a cup for the road, quietly say goodbye to your loved ones, and walk out the door.

You’re going backpacking today.