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A Day in the Life: Introduction

A Day in the Life: Introduction

In The Complete Walker, Colin Fletcher and Chip Rawlins describe a day and night out on the trail from the hiker's perspective.  I've always found those passages able to put me in the mindset to pack up and get outside.  I can see myself being out there with them, enjoying every step, smelling every pine, and feeling every breeze blow across my face.

Just the same, writing about it has also put me in that same space.  Not quite as good as being there, but still enjoyable to think about.  I can not only daydream about the places I'll go, but I can remember the places I've been.  Not every trip is the same, but there are always some things that remain similar throughout them all.  It may be my morning routine, driving to the trailhead, or how I enjoy my lunch on the trail.  It could be stoking the night's fire, or listening to the sounds of the dark woods.  Each trip is unique and familiar at the same time.

With that said, I've decided to share what a typical day in the life of a backpacker may be, from a third person perspective, as if I was watching myself and narrating it.  I have titled this A Day in the Life.

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