The Sea-to-Summit 10 liter folding bucket lets me keep a large amount of water right at my campsite, for a weight penalty of only 2.8oz.! In this video, shot at Mohican State Forest in December 2016, I describe the one piece of gear that has stuck with me through the years without being upgraded, changed, or shelved. 

“As the tread of your boot rolls onto the first piece of dirt, you turn around, look at your car and the dirt road, and realize that this is the last piece of civilization you’ll see for the next 36 hours.  Rotating back, you look ahead into the trees, and step forward. This is going to be a good day…”

This series puts the reader into the experiences and mindset of a weekend backpacker taking a short overnight trip into the backcountry.  I hope that in basing this on my own travels, it encourages you, the reader, to have these experiences yourself.  READ MORE >